In a world where diversity and inclusion are gaining increasing recognition, Walgreens, a trusted name since 1901, stands as a shining example of how embracing disability inclusion can lead to remarkable success.


Creating Equal Opportunities


Walgreens’ commitment to creating equal opportunities for all individuals, including those with disabilities, is a testament to its core values. This commitment reflects the vision of the company’s founder, Charles R. Walgreen, who understood the importance of creating an inclusive work environment. 

Walgreens believes that a disability-inclusive workplace and culture provide several advantages. It enables the company to tap into a wider pool of talent, retain valued team members, and gain insight into the needs of an essential and expanding customer base.


The Role of the disAbility Alliance


At the heart of Walgreens’ disability inclusion efforts is the disAbility Alliance business resource group (BRG). The mission of this group is clear: “Engage, educate, and empower individuals with disabilities and allies.” The disAbility Alliance achieves this by providing informational content, fostering an inclusive workforce, and advancing disability-related initiatives.


Signature Programs: TWG and REDI


Over the last decade, Walgreens has taken significant strides in creating more opportunities for people with disabilities through its two signature programs: the Transitional Work Group Program (TWG) and Retail Employees with Disabilities Initiative (REDI).


TWG & REDI Pillars


1. **Equality of Jobs and Expectations**: One of the core principles of these programs is that jobs and expectations are the same for all employees, regardless of their abilities. This ensures that everyone is held to the same work standards and receives equal pay.

2. **Sustainability**: These programs are built on a sustainable model that aligns with Walgreens’ operational, human resources, and other critical standards.

3. **Inclusive Policies**: Walgreens’ industry-leading inclusive policies and practices, first implemented in 2007, continue to revolutionize the company’s employment landscape. This operating model, known as “same job, same performance,” has been applied across the distribution network, retail stores, the support center, and field operations.


Making a Difference


The impact of these initiatives is significant. More than 1,500 individuals with disabilities have completed retail and customer service skills training in Walgreens stores across the nation. The results are clear: individuals with disabilities can perform at the same standard as any other team members, across various work settings.


Partnering for Success


Walgreens collaborates with selected community organizations, vocational rehabilitation agencies, and state and local social services agencies to identify and screen candidates for its disability inclusion training programs. These partnerships ensure that the programs meet exacting standards.


Recognitions and Awards


In recognition of its unwavering commitment to disability inclusion, Walgreens received the 2021 Disability Equality Index Best Practices Award (DEI). This marks the fifth consecutive year that Walgreens has achieved a perfect score of 100% from Disability:IN, a leading nonprofit resource for business disability inclusion worldwide, and the American Association of People with Disabilities.


Your Journey Towards Disability Inclusion


To learn more about Walgreens’ transformative TWG and REDI programs and discover how they are making a difference, we invite you to watch these informative videos:

It’s Possible

Living Proud and Independent

Supporting Yourself, Helping Others

Communicating with Patients on Their Terms


Frequently Asked Questions


**Q1: What are the core principles of Walgreens’ disability inclusion programs?**
A1: The TWG and REDI programs are built on three pillars: equality of jobs and expectations, sustainability, and inclusive policies.

**Q2: How has Walgreens revolutionized its employment landscape?**
A2: Walgreens implemented an industry-leading inclusive operating model known as “same job, same performance” across its distribution network, retail stores, the support center, and field operations.

**Q3: How can I learn more about Walgreens’ disability inclusion efforts?**
A3: You can explore informative videos that provide insights into Walgreens’ disability inclusion programs and their impact.




In conclusion, Walgreens exemplifies the power of disability inclusion in the workplace. By creating equal opportunities and embracing individuals with disabilities, Walgreens has not only transformed its workforce but also made a lasting impact on the lives of thousands. Through its dedication to diversity and inclusion, Walgreens continues to set a remarkable example for businesses worldwide.

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