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The Gear Foundation assists in mainstreaming special needs young adults by providing them The opportunity to work and interact in a warm and friendly public setting.


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Sara Krikac

Daughter to Dave and Sandy Krikac. 


Dave Krikac


Sandy Krikac

Just like most parents of Adults with Special needs-Dave and Sandy Krikac are a remarkable couple who turned a personal challenge into a community triumph. When their daughter Sara, who has autism, graduated from high school and struggled to find employment, they realized the scarcity of workplace opportunities for adults with special needs. This realization led them to establish the GEAR Foundation and launch Our Thrift Store in 2005. Their mission was not only to provide employment for their daughter but also to create job opportunities for other adults with special needs.

Under their guidance, Our Thrift Store became a beacon of success. Over 15 years, they employed 25 adults with special needs, and their store was recognized as the number one thrift store in Tennessee by Yelp and Yahoo. Despite the closure of their store due to redevelopment of the shopping center, Dave and Sandy's commitment to the cause didn't waver.

They continued their advocacy by assisting other parents and caregivers in replicating the thrift store model in their communities. To date, they have helped launch five additional thrift stores across the United States. Adapting to the evolving needs and supports for adults with special needs, they have also developed an AI-powered website. This innovative platform is designed to provide up-to-date resources and support to parents and caregivers across Tennessee, furthering their impact in the community.

Dave and Sandy Krikac's journey is a testament to their dedication and compassion, making significant strides in enhancing the lives of adults with special needs and their families. Prov 3:27

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